Organized by FOKS


  • Kick-off Conference of the FOKS project – Abatement of groundwater pollution a well focussed aproach and methodology 01.-02.04.2009 Treviso
  • FOKS – Magic Software training course 30.09.2010 Treviso
  • Public conference about groudwater protection in Milan, and the first results from FOKS project 13.10.2010 Milan
  • Contamination of groundwaters by Halo-organics the EU Project FOKS integrated approaches for studying and clearing 29.9.2011 Treviso


  • A public meeting with citizens and representatives of local, regional and state administration and the environmental protection administration 20.04.2010 Novy Bydzov
  • Integral pumping test and Magic software training course 08.10.2010 Ostrava
  • Workshop Methodology of statistical and gnostic methods 24.02.2011 Ostrava
  • The passive sampling workshop 30.08.2011 Ostrava
  • The final workshop of the FOKS project 25.-26.01.2012 Prague


  • FOKS Session at 5th International Conference – Innovative solutions for revitalization of degraded areas 05.10.2011 Ustroń
  • Final Conference 26.-27.03.2012 Jaworzno


  • Bearbeitung von komplexen Grundwasserverunreinigungen in Stuttgart – Praktische Umsetzung der Erkenntnisse aus den Projekten FOKS und MAGPlan 08.03.2012 Stuttgart